Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Annual Academy Awards

And the Oscar goes to...
I would just like to share some of my favorite moments at the Oscars. Although I cried several times throughout the ceremony because I am a big fat baby, my absolute most touching moment was Sandra Bullocks speech. It was the perfect amount of heartfelt and funny. She thanked all the right people including a dedication to her mother and all mothers. It was a great speech and well deserved Best Actress win. Also, the dress was remarkable and her red lipstick was perfect.

Another great moment, the first woman to win for Best Director! Congrats!

I loved Kristin Stewart's dress. The dark color was surprising against all the silvery shades and nudes.

Jennifer Lopez on the other hand... I love her and she looks great. My only concern was that this dress was made out of that packing foam stuff?

Cameron Diaz is a perfect 10 in this dress. She is completely elegant and Hollywood.

Elizabeth Banks did a great job presenting and looked lovely. Her dress fit right in with all the silver/grey tones.

All the nude tones were very popular, along with the greys and silvers. Very muted with lots of layers and ruffles and dimension.

HUGE dress award goes to Amanda Siegfried. It's awesome, and big, and inspiring.

Miley Cyrus also went with the muted skin tones, the dress is great, she can pull it off. She just looks ages older than she should/is.

In the Red... A couple pops of color come from Penelope Cruz, Vera Farmiga, and Sigourney Weaver.

The ruffles are a little too much?

Sigourney is elegant, perfect choice.

And then there is the "Avatar Blue". James Cameron sported some...
As did the amazing Best Supporting Actress, Mo'nique.

And fellow "Precious" co-star and nominee.

And who could forget Ben Stiller? Hilarious!

I loved every minute of the Oscars. I probably cried 7 times..

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