Tuesday, March 2, 2010

spring = road trip

I always really get in the mood for a good road trip when spring hits. Roll down the windows, blast some Texas country music.
My favorite part is stopping at the gas station to "refuel." I love gas station snacks. I love that they have every single flavor of Gatorade. I love that calories don't really seem to count on a road trip.
I found this picture of an old gas station in Syracuse, New York that a bunch of artists decided to completely cover in fabric.


There's always that moment, after the gas light has turned on, that moment of panic, that "Oh, sh!t I hope there is a station coming up soon!" moment. And then you see the sign, whether it be a big yellow shell, or heart, or dinosaur... And relief.

This gas station looks like it would be a great spot to get an awesomely cheesy souvenir. Or homemade fudge and beef jerky.

My staple snacks for a long car drive. Corn nuts keep me awake, just on the crunching alone. But I also love sunflower seeds and Twizzler Pull-n-Peel. I think mostly because they keep my hands busy. And of course, Red Bull. I believe it becomes ineffective for me if I drink too much, so if I know I have a road trip coming up I will deprive myself of Red Bull for weeks just so it can be more effective when game time comes.

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